Brand introduction.

Brand introduction.

Hi, today, would like to have permission to introduce the brand of fashion bags to readers.

"Inspired by CMYK" is a brand new handbag Produced and designed by 100% Thai people (Made in Thailand)

Inspired by CMYK concept - Color Switch

Inspired by the color in the printing system, C-cyan, green sky, M-magenta, purple-red, Y-yellow, K-key black, used in design. The main focus of the brand is to mix colors / change the color of the bag to make it look more lively and stylish. In 1 bag, there are 2 or more color combinations.


"CMYK color system is a color system that is used with CMYK printers, stands for cyan (green sky), magenta (purple red), yellow (yellow) key (black - does not use B instead. black because it is confused with blue) which is the color name used The combination of these four colors Will create hundreds of colors Used in printing various colors which normally choose to use that color There will be two types, CMYK and RGB, can be easily divided into categories, which is if the color must be printed out. Whether printed in any form Will need to use the color value of CMYK, but if you want the color displayed on the screen, you will only choose RGB. The current principle still has very little understanding of this part because the amateur designer or newbie When you want to work in a publication type Usually set the color to RGB because the color value is more vibrant But when printing Cause the color values ​​to be distorted more or less depending on the selected color. For example, choosing a red color may be left with pink, purple may be blue Therefore, those who use color mode should understand a lot of work. For the work that comes out will get the color value that meets the needs" (Cr. th.wikipedia.)


At this point, we went to see the bags that were inspired by the colors in the CMYK printing system.

Messenger Bag

Rectangle Sling Bag

Backpack / Everyday Backpack / Mini backpack

2 in 1 bag (Backpack+Shoulder bag)

Mini Shoulder Bag

Leave the brand Inspired by CMYK as an option for friends to shop with. Very affordable. Can use it as a gift or souvenir.

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